High impact donations

To help children on worldwide scale, UNICEF depends on the generosity of philanthropic individuals like you.

With your generous support, we have saved more lives than any humanitarian organization in the world. Working in over 150 countries, UNICEF provides children with health care, clean water, nutrition, education, emergency relief, and more.

These examples are representative of UNICEF’s work:

  • $20,000 provides nearly 8,000 children and pregnant women with measles vaccines, vitamin A, de-worming treatments, and anti-malaria bed nets. 
  • $35,000 immunizes more than 2,100 children against the six major childhood diseases (measles, polio, whooping cough, tetanus, diphtheria, and tuberculious). 
  • $40,000 helps malnourished African children receive nourishment and build integrated community health-based approaches that monitor their nutritional status and health. 
  • $50,000 supports water and sanitation facilities, and programs focused on proper hygiene for school children. 
  • $100,000 improves education in Asia and Africa with the child-friendly schools that offer new or rehabilitated classrooms, safe drinking water, fully equipped classrooms, and teaching materials.

Your donation enables UNICEF to maintain its strong presence around the world and continue to implement programs that improve the lives of children.

Why choose UNICEF?

Supporting UNICEF means your donation can go further. Gifts are pooled to meet the most immediate needs, which allow greater flexibility, responsiveness and impact of your investment in our work. Every donation is leveraged to garner support from other individuals, organizations and government to create long-term change for vulnerable children. With this support, we help more children than any other humanitarian organization but our job is far from complete.

To make a donation at these levels, please contact us