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Right now, more than 8 million Syrian children are in danger.


These children are living in constant fear. Many of them have lost their homes, their families, their friends and their childhood.

But what they haven’t lost is hope!

Please join us and show these children that their lives, and their futures, matter.

“This visit to Zaatari refugee camp was extremely powerful - heartbreaking but full of hope.  There is an incredible generation of children who believe in education and making a difference” said Jessica Kahawaty, Lebanese-Australian international model and presenter with a background in human rights law.

With your donation, UNICEF will continue to deliver life-saving food, clean water and vaccines, as well as provide education and protection to children and families affected by the Syrian crisis.

The Syrian refugee crisis remains the largest humanitarian crisis since the end of World War II.

Donate now and #makeapromise to give hope to children of Syria.

In Syria, this year alone UNICEF has reached:

• 4 million children under five with polio vaccinations
• 14 million people with drinking water
• Nearly 140,000 children with school supplies.