Famine Crisis

Please help now.

Famine is looming in 4 countries in Africa (Yemen, Somalia, Nigeria and South Sudan). That means children are already dying from malnutrition.

We have a very small window to prevent millions of children from dying. And we cannot wait.

Altogether, 1.4 million severely malnourished children need lifesaving help.

We are doing everything we can to reach children, including in the hardest-to-reach places – providing therapeutic food to treat malnutrition, clean water to offset drought, vaccinations and malnutrition screening services to identify children in need as early as possible.

But the scale of this crisis is enormous and we need your help.

If you believe that no child should die from malnutrition and that even one death is too many, please help.

Please donate now.

Every donation will help save lives.


In fluid emergency situations such as this, we value the flexibility of your donation to allow us to use your funds wherever and whenever the need is greatest. In the unlikely event that funds raised for this emergency exceed the need, we hope you’ll trust us to prioritize situations where children are at risk.