Children in Nigeria

Your donation can help children affected by conflict in Nigeria! 

When Baba Gana was brought to a UNICEF-supported health center in a camp for internally displaced people, he was severely malnourished. He weighed only 3.5 kg - the weight of a newborn, but he was 11-months old. You could see that he needed help, urgently.

Baba Gana’s mother had to flee her home because of attacks by Boko Haram, combined with chronic drought, cholera and poverty. After losing almost everything, she was now worried about losing her son. Thanks to donors like you, Baba Gana was given UNICEF-supported treatment, and within 3 weeks Baba Gana started showing improvement - his weight went up to 5kg and he started to smile again.

Imagine giving hope to mothers like Baba Gana's! 

Currently nearly half a million children are at risk of suffering from severe acute malnutrition, but we can make a difference together. Your generosity will help children in Nigeria, Chad, Niger and Cameroon recover from severe malnutrition, illness and trauma – getting them back on track for a brighter future! 

Together with our partners, UNICEF is working in challenging circumstances, but without significant and immediate funding, we can't reach all who need our help.

Thank you for donating as much as you can - UNICEF can't do this without dedicated supporters like you.