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South Sudan Famine

Famine has hit parts of South Sudan. Children desperately need your help now.

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100,000 people are facing starvation. 

War and a collapsing economy have led to an unprecedented food shortage in South Sudan. Over 1.1 million children are acutely malnourished.

Emmanuel is one of them.

Emmanuel and his mother, Helen, had to flee their home at a moment’s notice due to the violence in their village. When they finally returned home, there was nothing to eat.

Due to lack of food, Emmanuel grew weak. One morning in January, Helen found her son unconscious.

Helen rushed her son to a malnutrition clinic in Juba as soon as her brother was able to lend her 50 South Sudanese Pounds (equivalent of 50 cents) for the transport.

Helen prays constantly for Emmanuel’s survival. She named him Emmanuel because he was born one day after Christmas and she hoped the name, meaning ‘God is with us’, would bring the child luck. 

Emmanuel is still in urgent need but with proper treatment, hopefully he can soon be on the road to recovery.

UNICEF is on the ground, working round-the-clock treating children who are in critical need.

In January 2017 alone, UNICEF and partners treated more than 11,500 acutely malnourished children like Emmanuel. UNICEF desperately needs your support to continue this life-saving work.

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