AIDS-free generation

Every year thousands of children are being infected with HIV – most of them unknowingly by their own mother, during pregnancy, birth or breastfeeding.

This is completely preventable: If the mother receives the right treatment at the right time, we can almost certainly make sure that the baby is born HIV-negative.

We want to eliminate mother-to-child transmission of HIV and bring the number of children infected with HIV to zero. Join us in making the dream of an AIDS-free generation a reality!

UNICEF provides treatment, counselling and support for mothers, babies and vulnerable children affected by HIV and AIDS.

But the safest way to protect a baby from HIV is to make sure that the mother is not being infected in the first place – that is why the second key component of UNICEF’s work on HIV/AIDS is to prevent HIV among young people.

Meet Tselane and find out how you can help mothers like her protect their babies from HIV.

You can help achieve an AIDS-free generation and protect children affected now. Give a monthly donation today to save lives, protect childhoods and give children the chance to go to school in communities affected by HIV and AIDS and wherever else children need us.

Batting for HIV awareness